Monday, December 26, 2011


From deep within the Emerald Triangle comes some seriously weeded the fuck out sounds most appropriate for Auto-erotic asphyxiation sessions, Ouija board sleepovers, hash-oil dipped newports....and other activities all us crazy motherfuckers in 2011 have been dabblin in. Identity right now is on the hush hush, but I'm expecting a full takeover imminently RVTZTVX - NOZ OUND by rvtztvx_BLKGVRLC OUT NOW

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Darkest Daze Ive Ever Knew

Here's a mix I did for the Winter Solstice; the darkest most depressing time of the year. Burial, Holy Other, Fever Ray, shit like that populates this mix it's supposed to be a downer....let me know what you think Souls Hiss by DJAteyAte

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I've known Zack now for almost five years now, since he was like sixteen. He was the weird kid who always had weed and was busting ritalin's every five minutes. He also made beats and turned me onto carnival-Hyphy shit like Team Knoc and Blapstar. Anyways he's lived in Hollyhood and LA for the last coupla years, schooling grindin' you know livin....all the while making beats. Over the years they have evolved from minimalist slap beats(my personal fave, come on Zack embrace yr. darkside again!) to his newewst corner of the musical world; chilled out highway synth shit....I haven't seen Drive but from what people have told me this steez is all over the movie, not a bad thing at all. Anyways I'll try and let the music do more talking than me...I'll just say that if your a fan of Super Nintendo, pharmaceutical Uppers, Bay area hip hop, or anything else really give this shit a try. He's played live up here(Reno) and I belive he'll be gigging around LA more often in the future, keep yr. ear to the ground! Saturday Night by octophonix Sega crunch by octophonix RAGE by octophonix

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Down The Line.

Startin my revival post with some killer lemmy videos and the question i know everybody is dying to have answered....... who would win in a fight? lemmy or god? i dont believe lemmy is ol jesus cristo, hes something much much tighter.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Fantsy Iz Reality

Alright, so here it goes; the umpteenth attempt to resurrect a stubborn mule. Last six months have been pretty damn eventful most of us here got our first taste of a Norcal harvest, and I must say it was a beautiful experience, that was of course balanced with an equal amount of time in jail....but who cares? Oh by the way Ryan handles dead people for money so call him a monster when you see him. Musically I got to say 2011 was kind of a bust, or maybe it's just that a lot of the trends from the last couple of years have kind of ran it's course, or maybe that's all just a reflection on myself. hmmm. Expect more seemingly unrelated pulp trash to be spewed at irregular intervals...
and always give praise to the Most High